X-ENERGY low-voltage switchgear

Mã sản phẩm BCS1234 Danh mục

Voltage: 0 – 500 V

Protection level: IP 43, IP 53, IP 55

Rated electric voice: 630 A – 6300 A

Strong short current: 65 – 130 KA

Applicable standards: EC 60439-1: 2004

Steel SS400, SUS304, SUS316


EATON low voltage switchgear manufactured by EATON is supplied according to customer requirements, in accordance with technical standards.



Low-voltage circuit breakers and MSB cabinets are made up of ACB air circuit breakers, MCCB switchgear assembled on a sturdy steel cabinet frame and connected by a conductive copper busbar system. ensure electrical insulation. The cabinet is installed behind the transformer and near the load to control and distribute the voltage to the load. Some characteristics of assembled low-voltage cabinets with separate measurement compartments for the management of power companies or current transformers for separate measurement and counting circuits.

Material: Imported steel SS400 powder coated, stainless steel (stainless steel) SUS304, SUS316.

Manufacturing technology: Swiss Bystronic CNC laser cutting, Swiss Bystronic CNC, Japanese Daihen welding robot, Powder coating protection.

Electric cabinet assembly equipment is imported from famous brands such as LS, ABB, SCHNEIDER, FUJI, HYUNDAI, MITSUBISHI, SIEMEN, …

All electrical cabinets are manufactured in strict compliance with ISO 9001-2008 quality management system and specialized electrical standards of Vietnam & International to meet international standards IEC 60439-1: 2004.

– There is a function to connect the display controller.

– Protection level: IP53, IP55 outdoor cabinets, IP43 indoor cabinets.

– Main equipment: ACB air circuit breaker and associated control devices.

– Applicable standards: IEC 60439 – 1: 2004

– Manual feed (basic configuration): The spring / CLOSE coil is powered by a lever. The cutter is CLOSE when the ON button is pressed and CUT when the OFF button is pressed.

– Automatic feeding (automatic configuration): The spring / CLOSE coil is charged by the feed motor. The cutter is CLOSE when the ON button is pressed and CUT when the OFF button is pressed, or controlled via the PLC.


Low-voltage circuit breakers are usually installed after transformers and near the load at industrial projects, factories, shopping centers, … Phuong Linh is proud to be the leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and distributing industrial fans, vacuum cleaners, industrial dust collection systems, electrical cabinets, cable trays in Vietnam with the most modern production technology in the world.

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