General rules when choosing transformers

– Machines with a capacity of over 1000KVA should not be used for low voltage stations with a secondary voltage of 220 / 380V. and machines with a capacity of over 1800KVA should not be used in stations with a secondary voltage of 660V.

– When choosing to buy a transformer to use, it is necessary to take into account the usage load in a day, a month or in a year as well as the possibility of future development. If the load is used too much, it is recommended to choose from 2 machines to operate or more.

– Please choose to buy the machine only works with a capacity of about 60-80% of the rated capacity of the machine itself.

– In case of continuous power supply for loads, it is recommended to use 2 or more machines operating alternately to ensure avoiding overload if only one machine is used continuously for many time.


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