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3EP porcelain housed surge arresters
Experience is most essential, when it comes
to reliability in Medium and High Voltage
applications. Since 1929 Siemens have
been manufacturing High Voltage surge
arresters with porcelain housing – for
standard and specialized applications. Our
permanent research and development and
the concerted know how in our factory give
our 3EP surge arresters a leading edge in over
voltage protection. The cost-effectiveness
of our products is underscored by uncompromising quality ensuring the long service
life and reliability of each application. In
general, our arresters are used to protect
high voltage equipment in substations, e. g.
transformers, High Voltage Direct Current
(HVDC) systems or all kinds of compensation
systems for electric power networks.
However, apart from the area of standard
applications, Siemens can offer customized
surge arresters for virtually any application
(see diagram 1) from 12 kV up to 800 kV.
Furthermore, our surge arresters have been
designed to meet the requirements of a
wide range of common installation environments, from arctic cold climate to the heat
of the desert and the dampness of tropical
Advantages of 3EP surge arresters
Excellent over voltage protection with
large worldwide experience
Very high bending moment of
up to 34,000 Nm
For Networks with short circuit
currents of up to 100 kA
Brown or grey porcelain designs
Maximum protection in case of
overload through directional pressure
relief device
Due to the excellent sealing system we
have decades of trouble-free service life
without failures or ingress of moistures
The following tables show a selection of
our 3EP standard porcelain surge arresters.
For other options/specifications just contact
us or your nearest Siemens partner. We can
supply arresters with higher rated voltages
and continuous operating voltages, with
higher or lower residual voltages, with
longer or smaller creepage distances.
Basically we can procure the 3EP4 up to
rated voltage of 288 kV adequate for networks up to 362 kV, the 3EP2 up to 468 kV
adequate for networks up to 550 kV and
the 3EP3 up to 612 kV adequate for networks up to 800 kV.


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