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Danh mục
  • Many components for protection.
  • Control function.
  • Record function and time synchronization.
  • Combined with 1A / 5A current input.
  • Wide range power supply voltage.
  • Accept DC / AC power supply.
  • Configurable inputs and outputs.
  • Configurable LEDs (function and color)
  • Function simulation and testing.
  • USB port for connecting to a local computer.
  • Remote communication capability, for remote installation and monitoring.
  • Communication protocols IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3, Modbus RTU


GR-200 is Toshiba’s latest generation of intelligent control relays (IEDs). Flexible responsiveness is achieved by expanding the hardware and software modules incorporating application activation based on the use of independent functional blocks.

Smart platform for future grid applications
Control and protection for Transmission and Distribution grids.
Platform for distributed and renewable energy systems.
Bus process, phase sync measurement and packet communication.
The basis for future systems and application development.
There is a choice of flexible hardware expansion & responsiveness
On the whole range of hardware parts.
Central processing unit with advanced processing capabilities.
Combining many types of input and output.
Plug-and-play communication module
Flexible hardware combinations to meet specific applications.
LCD monitor including standard and touch type, large size MIMIC diagram display.
Additional intelligent functions
The library of function blocks allows for a wide range of applications for protection, control, measurement and other functions.
Schemes and protection components.
The control diagram.
Measurement and recording functions
Separate function blocks operate independently.
Easily customize IEDs to add or remove specific function blocks.
Flexibly add new functions or modify a specific function.


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