Kyland PTS-10A



The PTS-10A time server supports dual channel satellite signal input and redundant power input, equipped with a highly stable Rubidium clock to ensure a reliable time source. It has been widely deployed in areas that require accurate time synchronization, such as thermoelectricity, wind power, hydropower, substations, public security systems, and transportation.


1U 19 inch rack mounting time server
Support up to 2 100 / 1000M combo ports
100-360VDC / 85-264VAC or 48VDC, redundant power inputs
Dual satellite channels (GPS, BDS, GLONASS Optional)
Support integrated Rubidium clock, TCXO or OCXO for time holdover
Support safe and reliable multi-source selection algorithm to guarantee time output accuracy
Support LCD screen display and operation by keys on front panel
Support up to 10 BNC ports for TTL PPS / IRIG-B (DC) or 4 BNC ports for IRIG-B (AC) +6 BNC ports for TTL PPS / IRIG-B (DC)
Support 2 DB9 ports for RS232 TOD
Support time status management function
Support Web, SNMP management


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