Intermediate relays



What are intermediate relays?

Intermediate relays are a type of electromagnet with an integrated contact system. Intermediate relay, also called glass relay, is an electrical switch. Called a switch because the relay has two states ON and OFF. The relay is ON or OFF depending on whether the current flows through the relay or not.

Types of intermediate relays

Currently at Hahuco, we offer to our customers and businesses the following types of intermediate relays:
– Intermediate relay 12v
– Intermediate relay 8 pins
– Intermediate relay 14 feet
– Intermediate relay 220v

Structure and working principle of intermediate relays

Here, we will learn about the structure and principles of intermediate relays for proper use.

– Design of an intermediate relay
This electromagnet has a dynamic steel core, static steel core and coil. The inner coil can be a magnitude winding, a voltage coil, or both a voltage coil and a intensity coil. The dynamic steel core is mapped by a spring with the same positioning with a adjusting screw. The contact mechanism consists of the negative contacts and the negative contacts.

– Operation principle
+ When a current flows through the relay, this current will flow through the inner coil and create a magnetic field. This magnetic field acts on an internal lever that closes or opens the electrical contacts and thus changes the state of the relay. The number of electrical contacts changed may be one or more, depending on the design.
+ Relay has 2 independent circuits that work. One circuit is to control the relay of the relay: Whether the current flows through the coil or not, or means to control the relay in the ON or OFF state. A circuit control the current we need to control whether or not the relay relies on the ON or OFF status of the relay.

The use of intermediate relays
The use of an intermediate relay is to “relay” the circuit for another device, such as a refrigerator protector, for example – when the electricity is weak, the relay will disconnect the cabinet from working while power is on If the generator is strong enough, the intermediate relay will close the charging circuit for the battery …


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