ABB series transformers



What is current transformer?

Current Transformer (is abbreviated as CT current) is used because the current flows through the power supply to the load or the dynamic wire of the load. Current CT is present in any electrical cabinet to monitor the current of the power supply until the load of each device.

The structure of a current variable.

Current transformers are based on the principle that a coil of coil is wound around the hollow core or is connected directly to the point where it needs to be connected through a device with a central flaw.


Currently there are 3 basic types: “coil”, “loop” and “solid”.

+ Winding type: Primary winding of this type of transformer will be connected directly to the wires, which is responsible for measuring the intensity of current running in the circuit. The current in the secondary winding depends on the winding ratio of the current transformer.

+ Round form: “Round” will not be composed in the primary roll. Instead, the electric current flowing in the circuit will be transmitted and run straight through the gap or gap of the “loop” in the machine. Some current-type transformers have been constructed with additional “key”, which works for the gap or gap of the current transformer that can be opened, installed and closed, without interrupting. fixed circuit.

+ Block type: This is one of the types of current transformers used in cables, busbars of the main circuit, almost like the primary winding, but only a single winding. They are completely separate from the high voltage source operating in the circuit system and are always connected to the amperage load in the electrical equipment.


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