New solution to help produce electricity from seawater

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Scientists in Australia and the United States have invented a membrane, inspired by the bones and cartilage in the human body, that can produce electricity from salt water. Ocean waves, tides, salinity, and temperature differences. However, research shows that nanomaterials commonly used in membranes are often brittle and disintegrate in seawater.

In a study published in the journal Joule, scientists at Deakin University in Australia and the University of Michigan in the US said the new membrane is bone-like and suitable for transporting ions like cartilage. . It can capture energy from the ocean to create an environmentally friendly form of renewable energy.

Researchers have begun to create tissues of living organisms. They note that flexible connective tissues such as cartilage in the human body allow ions to pass easily, but are weak and fragile. In contrast, bones have an exceptionally strong bone profile, but there is no benefit in efficient ion transport. Therefore, researchers have found a way to ‘combine’ these two materials to get both advantages at the same time. Accordingly, they combined aramid nanofibers to create flexible fibrous materials similar to cartilage with boron nitride to produce platelets similar to bones. Next, they continuously washed the membrane with salt water to monitor its stability and found that it continued to function optimally after 200 hours. According to the scientists, this new synthetic film has flexible thickness and high stability in temperatures from 0 to 95 degrees C and pH from 2.8 to 10.8.

Exploiting ocean energy is considered a solution to the current energy problem. This type of energy can be harnessed to produce electricity for homes, transportation and industries. Ocean energy also has more potential than wind energy because water has a higher density than air. Ocean power generation technology is divided into two main types: tidal energy and wave energy. Phuong Oanh