2019 – the explosive year of ‘clean’ energy

gt4 - 2019 - the explosive year of 'clean' energy

According to this announcement, Trungnam Group is the No. 1 investor in the field of clean energy in Vietnam, and this business is considered to be the leading unit in investment activities and construction of renewable energy projects. Create both size and quality.

One of the big projects that must be mentioned is the Complex of Renewable Solar Power and Trung Nam Wind farms in Bac Phong and Loi Hai communes, Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province. This is considered to be the first renewable energy complex in Vietnam with the capacity of 204 MW of solar power and 151.95 MW of wind power to be connected to the grid in 2019. Total annual exploitation output of wind power – face electricity Trung Nam’s sky reaches 1.2 billion kWh of electricity per year including the farm complex (wind power + solar power) + Trung Nam Tra Vinh solar power plant. Not only that, on November 29, Trungnam Group organized Held the Power Generation Ceremony of Trung Nam Wind Power Project Phase II with the first unit with a capacity of 4.0 MW / head (the largest onshore turbine in Vietnam) in Bac Phong and Loi Hai communes , Thuận Bắc district, Ninh Thuận province. Scale of Trung Nam wind power plant project phase 2 with a capacity of 64 MW, the output is 182 million kWh / year, including 16 wind piers, the capacity of 4.0 MW each; Transformer stations of 0.4 – 1 / 22KV connected to the 22/110 KV project transformer station and connected to the 110 KV output compartment at Thap Cham 220KV Station to connect to the national grid. With phase 3, the scale of the Trung Nam Wind Power Plant project will reach a capacity of 48 MW, with an output of 134 million kWh / year, including 12 wind poles. According to experts, 2019 is considered a The booming year of the renewable energy industry was dominated by wind and solar power thanks to the Government’s preferential policies. The result is an acknowledgment of the contributions of businesses operating in the field of energy, especially towards environmentally friendly energy, contributing to the socio-economic development of Vietnam. 6.2019, the whole country had 98 renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 4,880MW put into operation, accounting for nearly 9% of the country’s total power capacity. In which, there are 89 solar power plants with a total capacity of nearly 4,440MW.Top 10 leading enterprises of clean energy were voted by experts and scientists of Science Council of Vietnam Energy Magazine. Is: 1. Trung Nam Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (Trungnam Group) 2. Dau Tieng Energy Joint Stock Company 3. Truong Thanh Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company (TTVN Group) 4. TTC5 Group. Bim Group 6. General Trading and Construction Joint Stock Corporation (Vietracimex) 7. Vietnam Electricity (EVN) 8. Sunseap Group (Thailand) 9. Cong Ly Construction Trading Tourism Co. Ltd.10. Sao Mai Group The total power capacity of the top 10 leading clean energy enterprises with a list of 29 solar and wind power plants is over 2,300 MW. In particular, 2,164.52 MW of solar power and 139.15 MW of wind power, accounting for 49% of the total solar PV power capacity, nationwide wind power and accounting for 27.6% of total RE resources (excluding medium and large hydro) .